Everything You Need to Know about Keylogger Facebook Hacks

If you’re trying to find a way to hack into a Facebook account, then you’ve probably already encountered the term “keylogger.” Here we answer all the frequently asked questions about what it is to better educate you about using it.

1. What is a keylogger?

Keyloggers are also called spy software. It’s a small program. It’s designed to capture every keystroke that a user types in on a specific computer keyboard. The program can be installed quickly using software or hardware.

2. How does a keylogger work?

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A keylogger file is installed into a PC. Once installed and extracted, it will start operating in the background. Every keystroke is recorded and logged. For example, the computer uses access his Facebook account. He goes to http://www.facebook.com/ He will then type in his username and password on their respective fields.

The keylogger records all these information and stores them in a log. This log is sent to the hacker’s email. When the log is opened, it will show the username and password. It will tell the hacker that they were entered on the Facebook login page.

Keyloggers load upon every startup. They capture pretty much everything that is typed, it’s never just limited to one account.

3. How are keyloggers installed?

There are two ways to install a keylogger. Using software, one can just download the file, follow the instructions and send the link to the victim. Once he extracts the file, it starts working.

The other method is hardware. The file is saved in something like a USB drive. This needs to be manually attached to the pc for the infected file to be transferred.

4. Does the use of keylogger to hack Facebook accounts require any special skills or technical know-how?

The short answer is no. If you know how to download files and install them, then using a keylogger shouldn’t be a problem. It works in the same way.

5. Will the victim ever be aware that a keylogger has been installed on his system?

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Well, a keylogger runs on stealth mode. Ideally, the victim will never know it’s there on his computer. With more than 1 billion users it is no wonder that everybody is trying to find Facebook hacks each day. The keylogger file doesn’t show up on the start-up menu. It won’t appear under program files, add/remove programs or even under task manager. Does that mean he’ll never find out?

The answer is maybe. Because unless the victim has good and up to date anti-virus and anti-spyware installed on his computer as well, chances are the keylogger can operate for as long as possible without detection.

6. Can the keylogger be traced back to the hacker?

Manufacturers of keylogging software will tell you that it’s impossible to trace back.

7. Can keyloggers be used even if you don’t have physical access to the target computer?

Yes. Many keyloggers already feature remote installation. All it requires is for the file to be placed in a .zip or .rar format. It can then be sent as an attachment to the target’s email address.

8. What happens when anti-virus software blocks the email attachment with the keylogger file?

Well, that certainly can happen. The workaround is to save the file in .zip or .rar format, upload it to fileden.com, and then just send the link directly to the victim. Once the link is accessed, the file is downloaded immediately.


The market is wide open on keylogger software. There are many product offerings that will tell you it will do the job but turn out to be scams themselves. We found that one of the better ones to use is Sniperspy. It comes with an easy installation modules that will guide you through the set-up up to the part where you email the attachment to the victim. It also allows you to create a Sniperspy account to view the logs later on. Basically, here’s what you want to have on your chosen keylogger software:

• remote installation feature

• compatibility with Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista/ 7 and Mac

• ability to bypass firewalls

• reliability

• ability to capture full-size screen shots

• ability to record both sides of chats

• easy to install

• safe and secure

You want a keylogger that keeps the data confidential and private. If you can one software that offers all the above, then you shouldn’t hesitate to get it.

The keylogger method is one of the most successful ways to hack a Facebook account. But its success is dependent on how good the software is to begin with.